Saturday, September 5, 2009

Type Experimentation

Experimental type project : On John Cage
John Cage is an experimental musician who is inspired by randomness in chaos and silence
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Medium: Photomontage, Photography, Computer

He really got me thinking about how we perceive things, such as sound. Sound,.. something that can't be defined, but felt.
He quotes Emanuel Cant saying "There are two things that don't have to mean anything. One, music,.. and the other laughter. They don't have to mean anything that is in order to give us deep pleasure."

I Tried to capture his philosophy of sound Through this poster. In John Cage's most famous piece 4'33, he coveys to the audience that the lack sound isn't silence, rather unexpected noises or in other words chaos. Almost like listening to traffic... this isn't necessarily pleasant. In reflecting this, I photomontaged printed quotes. I then cut all the type into small slits of paper, layered duplicates, and took pictures of the individual quotes. The purpose of this was to show depth and chaos, in order to mirror an unsettling response. Sound from Silence.

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